Principe de Paz Methodist Church, Bogota, Colombia, South America
These photos were taken by Pastor Rick on his visit to Colombia in November 2008. Colombian Methodism organized as an autonomous church in 2006, but this congregation was the first established, some 30 years ago.

We are organizing a UM Volunteers in Mission Trip to Colombia next August. Colombian Methodism is growing rapidly, in a very new development, only about ten years old, which was originated by Colombians and not by foreign missionaries. Its story is an exciting one. There is a great deal of spiritual vigor, and the church is active in areas and among populations that have felt neglected. The church's philosophy embraces at the same time a strongly spiritual Christianity and a commitment to works of justice and mercy. They will not build a church which is not also a a community service and educational center.

It will be a two-week trip. We expect to go to Rincon del Mar, a town on the Caribbean coast, or to the neighboring village of Brisas del Mar. Both are seaside communities. The project would be to assist the local Methodist congregation in a building project, probably a renovation. Also there would be a two-hour Vacation Bible School for several afternoons with local kids.

We'll be housed in beachside cabanas and several local women will be contracted to prepare our meals. Care is being taken to provide pure drinking water and to ensure that the cooking is done in such a way as to protect volunteers from some of the local water-borne maladies. We would arrive in and depart from the country via the beautiful old Spanish colonial city of Cartagena, and there would be some time to do sightseeing there and also to visit Sincelejo, the provincial capital of Sucre department, where Brisas and Rincon are located. This is an area where Colombian Methodism has been growing very rapidly. It is also an area which is very safe, far removed from the parts of Colombia where there has been civil conflict.

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Children PoP Methodist Church, Bogota