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We are a warm congregation, and we always welcome new friends into our circle of love. Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns, or just come and visit!

Browsing these pages you can learn about who we are and what we do. Our Beliefs and Salvation allow you to see what we believe God is doing in Jesus Christ. Links gives you access to Bible search engines, information on our United Methodist tradition, learning resources, and the missional agencies we work through.  At Prayer you can make a prayer request and join us in our prayers for others.

We care immensely about the needs of persons with handicapping conditions -- whether they have hearing or mobility problems, or fragrance allergies--we are a fragrance-free church and have a lift for those with mobility handicaps..

When you visit, you will find:

  • the warm welcome of a caring community
  • preaching/teaching centered in God's Word
  • awareness that Christ is at work in the world today
  • encouragement for your daily challenges
  • a fragrance free environment, hearing devices & a lift
  • God's people joyously worshiping, seeking God's truth




"CHRIST IS the truth. He is truth so clear that we can see through to the bottom of the sea. When my eyes are bad, it seems that my eyeglasses are dim. The water is clear, but when my eyes are bad, I cannot see the bottom. I cannot distinguish between water and land. As my eyes get better, I can gradually see. When we brighten our souls in regard to God, it is like that. When we have an experience of God, and live in God, our souls become clear, and then the universe becomes clear. When our hearts become clear, back of all things we find there is the plan of God." --Toyohiko Kagawa


Conversation about racism with Dr. Ry Siggelkow on Moose Lake Facebook page

Online Sunday Worship Services

You're invited to:

Hope for Troubled Times

Sundays at 10am

Online fireside worship services at our

Moose Lake United Methodist

Church Facebook page  








Centennial Celebration postponed

We've postponed our

Centennial Celebration until next summer

Please join us July 10-11, 2021

 Celebrating 100 years in our building!

A Blessing Exercise

A Blessing Exercise


Blessing is the art of being spiritually present to others in prayer. It is asking for God to surround a particular person or situation with love, healing, and peace.

Begin by finding a comfortable and quiet place to pray the blessing prayer. Take several slow, deep breaths while letting go any tension in your neck and shoulders. Imagine that you are held in God’s gentle, loving hands. Let yourself rest there and savor the quiet.

  1. Pray for yourself. Focus on the light and warmth of God’s love as it surrounds you. Rest in that light and warmth.

    Bless me, God, with your love.
    Bless me with your healing.
    Bless me with your peace.

    (Take a moment for several slow, deep breaths.)

  2. Pray for a good friend. Bring them to mind as vividly as you are able. In this image, hold them in your heart and extend love and grace to them. Now imagine them in God’s gentle, loving hands. Allow them to rest there in God’s hands for a moment.

    Bless them, God, with your love.
    Bless them with your healing.
    Bless them with your peace.

    (Take several deep breaths.)

  3. Pray for someone for whom you do not have strong feelings. This may be an acquaintance you cross paths with on occasion but don’t know well.

    Bless them, God, with your love.
    Bless them with your healing.
    Bless them with your peace.

    (Take several deep breaths.)

  4. Pray for someone you dislike—an enemy. Imagine them in God’s loving hands, and try to hold them gently in your heart. Release to God any anger or tension that may arise in you. Let these feelings go by setting them free to God’s care.

    Bless them, God, with your love.
    Bless them with your healing.
    Bless them with your peace.

    (Take several deep breaths.)

  5. Finally, pray for all four people together—yourself, a friend, an acquaintance, and an enemy. Extend God’s blessing further—to everyone around you, to everyone in your neighborhood, to those in your town, and eventually to all people, everywhere. Imagine that we all are held in God’s hands, and are sustained by God’s love.

    Bless all people, everywhere, with your love.
    Bless all people with your healing.
    Bless all people with your peace.

    (Take several deep breaths.)

Sunday School resumes

Adult Sunday School will resume on Sunday, September 8th at 9:00 am.  We are studying the book "Simon Peter".


Congregation Fellowship Meal

On the second Sunday of each month, we have a fellowship meal and birthday cake after worship, celebrating the month's church member birthdays. A free-will donation is invited.

Community Garden

Moose Lake UMC shares its property with the United Community Garden, organized originally under the Horizon Program. A double plot yields produce for the local food shelf. UCG members gather periodically for potluck supper and conversation about gardening and development plans. Call for more information.

Accessibility Program

Our congregation makes itself accessible to persons with disabilities. Personal sound systems are available to the hearing-impaired. There is a grade-level entrance with a lift to help the mobility-challenged enter our building and move from floor to floor. Two accessible restrooms are available. Our worshipers faithfully refrain from wearing fragrances in consideration of those with allergies, and we avoid use of hyperallergenic cleaning preparations.

Nursery Care

We provide nursery care during the Sunday  worship service. Ask an usher for details.

Guest Sermons

We also share at Sermons & Reflections helpful sermons that have been preached in other churches. We've just added one preached by the Rev. Cathy Schuyler at The Duluth Congregational Church on March 15, 2015. It's called "Big Love, Small Love, Deep Love, All Love."

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